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Küçük Tatlı Şeyler (2000)

Küçük Tatlı Şeyler (2000)

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About book Küçük Tatlı Şeyler (2000)

" Lainey Emerson thought she'd met the perfect guy. With no worries other than whether he'll like her in person, and whether he'll catch on that she's only 13, she sets off to meet Zach, a blond senior from a local high school. What she gets instead is everyone's worst nightmare. Two days after Lainey disappears, Bobby Dees, an officer with the Crimes Against Children Squad is called in to investigate. Though all signs seem to point to a runaway, Dees suspects the case may be more complicated. Definitely recommended for thriller fans. "This was a 3 day read for me. I found the story interesting with enough plot twists to keep me hooked until the very end and twice through the book I thought I had the mystery solved only to be wrong in the end.The story does have some graphic details ie violence against children. Runaways and missing teenage girls are being preyed upon in the South Florida area. Bizarre paintings give clues and bodies found show someone is holding and torturing these girls before killing them brutally. When the story breaks on the news, it is up to Special Agent Bobby Dees to chase down the killer.But this is a case that hits too close to home. Dee's own teenage girl has been missing nearly a year. Could it be that she has been the victim of the serial killer, dubbed "Picasso" by the media? The case eats away at Dees. He must find the killer and any living victims before it is too late.

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I knew who did it right away, but still very dark and kept me turning the pages.

Great mystery. Will read more by this author.

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