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Valentine's Day Is Killing Me (2006)

Valentine's Day Is Killing Me (2006)

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About book Valentine's Day Is Killing Me (2006)

I read this of course for Maryjanice Davidson and ended up liking the whole book. It took me awhile to admit to myself that I like romance novels. I read this one when I was still heavy in denial. With it's pink cover, cutesy cherub and being about all things Valentines day. I was certain I would not like this. But I wanted to read more of Davidson's work... so I figured if it's crap 4 pages in I won't bother with it or the other stories. Well I was surprisingly wrong and well into my way of really starting to see that Romance books are not at all what I thought. Even the parts that where I was beginning to enjoy. The first story Cuffs and Coffee Breaks by Maryjanice Davidson is about Julie Kay. She always has a bad Valentines day. So to try to break that bad tradition she accepts a blind date. When she gets to the restaurant there has been a murder. She thinks her date is the one that has been killed, but as it turns out he's the one being arrested for killing the dead guy. She ends up trying to help solve the murder while getting to know her date. The second story by Leslie Esdaile A "No Drama" Valentine's was by far my favorite story. I could really relate to Jocelyn Jefferson. Not that this has exactly happened to me, but I've had more then a few planed evenings that I put a lot of work into that started like this story did. Jocelyn decided that she would get together for Valentine evening with her closest friends. She plans a huge special pamper party evening for just the four of them. Only when the night comes about her three friends cancel on her. But the she decides to continue on anyhow and from there the evening takes some interesting turns that changes everything in her life. The last story, Valentine Survivor by Susanna Carr is kinda of for me to remember. Shanna Murphy has a date but is unable to make it because she has to stay at wok for her Snotty she wolf boss. She is still in love with her ex-boyfriend Calder. She was going on a date with a well known slut to help get over him. Shannan sister try's to help Calder see that the only reason Shanna wanted to go on the date was to get over him. It so happens that Calder is still and has always been in love with Shanna. Calder and Shanna both work together, which of course sucks. Her boss ends up dead. So Shanna and her Ex (being the only two people still at work) are accused of her death. They try to figure out who killed her boss and see if they can make things work. It ended up being an okay story. But not really note worthy.

I bought this book cause one of the authors is Mary Janice Davidson and I am a fan. Turns out that of the three stories hers was the one I liked least! My favorite story was by Susanna Carr! It was great! Funny, Romantic, and much more realistic than MJD's story. The second story by Leslie Esdaile was also very good! I especially liked the main character in that story. Also the main love interest in it is just plain yummy! (But I have a thing for Detectives) MJD's story was ok. Just not very realistic from early on through to the end.

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The 2 stars are for MJ's story & Susanna Carr's story.I picked this up b/c of MJ. Love the way she writes. Her story I loved. Susanna's story took me a tad to slide into but I liked it well enough I would read her other works.The second story by Leslie Esdalie- yeahhhh, well it wasn't for me at all. I didn't like the flow and the language was hard for me to read and understand. (This is coming from someone who loves MJ's Candace character with multiple personalities and can keep them straight while reading the books.)So no stars for that story from me.

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