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Jennifer Scales And The Messenger Of Light (2006)

Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light (2006)

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About book Jennifer Scales And The Messenger Of Light (2006)

Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comIt's not always easy to find out that you are half-beaststalker, half-weredragon, especially when life is just beginning to get better. Jennifer Scales knows exactly how it feels. If only her parents would have told her sooner, it may have been easier. For one thing, though, her strength is perfect for playing soccer. With some quick adjustments, Jennifer began to get used to the whole morphing-into-a-dragon thing, especially since she can easily change back into her teenage self. Quickly getting used to flying around and always wanting to go back to Crescent Valley, a weredragon refuge that most do not know about, Jennifer continues to strengthen her weredragon side. But, of course, since she is half-beaststalker (her mother is one), she also has to take lessons from her mom, even though it isn't easy. Then Jennifer gets another shock of her life: her father was married once before her mother, to Diana, a werachnid. They had a baby together, although Jennifer's father thought at first the baby was dead. But he soon finds out that the baby, Evangelos, wasn't dead after all. He was just in another dimension, abandoned, and not very happy about it. All Evangelos wants now is revenge, and Jennifer's dad is his target. Ironically enough, weredragons are beginning to be found dead, and the victims are those close to Jennifer's dad. Could it be Evangelos? Jennifer knows that she has to protect the ones she loves and put an end to all of the murders, before the murderer attacks her parents. An enjoyable follow up to the first and very unique novel in the series featuring Jennifer Scales (JENNIFER SCALES AND THE ANCIENT FURNACE), JENNIFER SCALES AND THE MESSENGER OF LIGHT has action, mystery, and secrets that will shock and amaze those who have fallen in love with the series. Jennifer's life will not be going back to normal anytime soon, and her adventure is just getting started. MaryJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi create a world different from what most have read about and then go on to satisfy their biggest fans.

Life as a were-dragon has become almost normal, but Jennifer still has a lot to learn. And breaking the rules turns out to have more of a consequence than Jennifer was expecting. When her beaststalker heritage is exposed to the rest of the dragons, even they don't trust her anymore. A new arrival complicates matters even more. A sibling Jennifer didn't know she had is intent on wrecking her father's life. If Jennifer can't figure something out, everyone she loves may be killed.This is in many ways a solid follow up to the first book. Rather than discover new powers, for the most part Jennifer is settling into the ones she already has and expanding her knowledge of the secret new world she's entered. The tangle of relationships with Eddie, Skip, and Susan muddle along in all sorts of complicated ways. The drama of friendships and family relationships is the backdrop to a murder mystery where the stakes keep getting higher.It's a fast read, but I found myself a lot less engaged this time around. This is light pop fiction in a fantasy dressing, with soap-opera relationships and drama. Jennifer, amazingly, actually gets mad at someone for not forgiving her when she's held a grudge against Eddie for his single moment of weakness over a year past and does not hesitate to unceasingly remind him of that fact even though he's been trying to mend fences. It's that kind of hypocrisy and self-centeredness that makes it so hard for me to like her. Jennifer knows the dangers of Crescent Valley, decides to break the rules, and is shocked when other people are offended by her misbehavior and want to impose serious consequences on her. In the end, she gets off with no more than a token protest (making it her mission to take care of Evangelos is rather beside the point, as she was going to have to deal with him anyway given his choice of targets).For people with a taste for light pop fiction, this does have some interesting elements. For myself, I'm not going to follow the series any further because I suspect Jennifer will simply aggravate me too much. I rate this book Neutral.

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This one was more fun to start reading, since I knew the story of Jennifer and her family already. There were sad parts to this book, and some characters that were being really wishy-washy and getting on my nerves, too. I'm glad that Jennifer finally got to meet the "real" Catherine, but still think she needs to be wary of Skip. The whole Evangelos thing was surprising, but at least I was partly right on who he was. The whole fight scene got to be a bit tiresome, though.I look forward to more stories about Jennifer Scales.

After learning she is the Ancient Furnace and also half-beaststalker, Jennifer Scales is adjusting to her new life and learning both sides of her heritage. Danger soon comes again with the discovery that Jennifer has a half-brother bent on revenge for his abandonment, and will stop at nothing to get it.While I was happier about the characterization of Jennifer, I still have some issues with her parents, as Jennifer herself says in frustration. God forbid she be told anything important. This stor

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