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Up To Me (2013)

Up to Me (2013)

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About book Up To Me (2013)

Up to Me has not exceeded any expectations of mine unlike the preceding book. I mean, Down to You left me breathless and completely out of my head because of the perfect storyline. Though Up to Me is a continuation of the events where Down to You left off, I think it was best that it was all merged into one whole novel. In that way, it would not feel as if Down to You was lacking and Up to Me was just a necessity to complete the story. I can say the revelations were still thrilling but it's unlike what I felt in the first book.I still like the characters and how the story went but I have this feeling of regret that this shouldn't have been a sequel to the former. Overall, it was an amazing read and I was satisfied with the ending.More like 4 stars for this one. 5 StarsOH MY SEXY CASHEl primer libro me gusto mucho y esté lo hizo aún más. Apariciones inesperada, nuevos personas que ame( Gavin) otros súper odiosos ) la mamá de olivia) y un Cash dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa para mantener a Olivia a salvo. ¿Mencione ya que amo a Cash?"Estoy enamorado de ti. ¿No puedes entender que no quiero vivir sin ti?¿qué no puedo vivir sin ti? ¿Qué demonios haría si algo te sucediera?" -Cash

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Oh... my... Just when I think I have it, twist it up!!! LOL! Can't wait to read book #3!!!

This book was just as good as first down to you can't wait to read everything for us !

OMG this book was crazy! Shocking and AMAZING!!!!! Love this!

Üç ve üç buçuk arasında gidip geliyorum.

And the plot twists thicken!!

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