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Until Nico (2014)

Until Nico (2014)

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Aurora Rose Reynolds

About book Until Nico (2014)

-.-omg I was so excited to read this book I don't even know why, I think, I don't even know what to think right now everything was so fast and a lot of moments weren't explain well enough and in a few words there was not a real ptoblem there was no climax of the story, I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars because of that, I recommend this book as an easy reading book if u want a feel good kind of book this is good! ! Holy mother of God my first 5 stars for Aurora Reynolds. I have waited fours books to see her come into absolute perfection and pure literature gold. When I read this book I was in a bad place and just not with it. But as soon as I started Until Nico I was transported to Tennessee to join one of my absolute favourite families the Mayson's, I always wanted a family like theres so I get to live and enjoy that trough them. Aurora's word put a smile on my face and allowed me to forget about my worries at the time. I know I was going to love Nico and Sophie but I never anticipated just how much.I love that this series follows the same basic principles; the Mayson boys when they fall they fall hard and they will do anything to hold on to their Boom, Their fight for love is aww inspiring.Sophie lost her mum in her early teenage years and was left with her now single father, but lost in his own grift drowning his sorrows in the bottom of the bottle he neglected Sophie leaving her hurt and afraid. One particular incident left her with a bad taste for life and with a life long fear of almost everything. At 16 she was granted emancipation form her father and lead a solitude life keeping everyone at arms length never getting too close to anyone apart from her two best friends.Nico, Nico, Nico where to even begin he is tough, strong, tattooed and bad boy biker looking on the outside but he has a heart of pure gold. He and Sophie could not be more different but yet so utterly perfect for each other. Until Nico is written from both Nico and Sophie point of views. The story is perfectly balanced with charm, wit, sexy, suspense, romance, love, friendship and family. I can only admire Ms Reynolds as she continues to produce breathtaking story after breathtaking story, ones with a solid foundation and impeccable penmanship. I love Aurora and I look forward to anything she writes. Nico is a solid 5 Stars and the Series is a MUST READ everyone needs to have the Mayson boys in there lives. A Great Series Check It Out!!! Reviewed by Natasha xoxo

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Loved these books. The Mayson brothers are great my favorites are Cash and Asher

I need to read the whole series. Oh my hotness.'s that good! xoxo

3.5 star

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