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Until Fountain Bridge (2013)

Until Fountain Bridge (2013)

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About book Until Fountain Bridge (2013)

Peccato troppo poco mi sn divertita molto a leggerlo xkè essendo un libro ke racconta la storia tra Adam ed Ellie attraverso i racconti dei vari diari di lei nel corso della sua adolescenza fino ad oggi.Trovo romantico ma anche strazziante il modo di vedere di lei e la sua sofferenza in quei anni di un amore nn corrisposto e sofferto.Adam mi ha fatto sorridere parecchio perchè le sue espressioni e le sue parole erano di una sincerità unica. Ah, sweet torture of be true to myself and not to break quite a tradition I started while making my thought visible I found the lyrics that say just how this Adam and Ellie's story made me here they are:"I Could Not Love You More"Now that we're alone no more hide and seekYou are the highest dream to me and as you softly sleepThen I can tell you what it meansLocked in my arms like lovers lieI will not let you slip awayIs this the summer of them all, is this my night of nightsThat you came to stayHere you are, owner of my heartJust the way that love should beAnd there is something I must say to youIf you promise to believe that it's you I'm living forAnd I could not love you moreSeasons may come and season goBut these are the truest words I knowFace to face, eye to eyeThis is the summer of our livesOne love that cannot dieHere you are, owner of my soulNever let you say goodbyeAnd there is something I must say to youWe leave the world outsideAnd you have come to me at last, we startOpen up your heart, let my deepest love insideI'm only doing what I have to doIf you promise to believe that it's you I'm living forAnd I could not love you moreby Bee Gees

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I loved Ellie and Adam's story. I really liked how they did it through her journals...

these characters are so adorable, and I already miss Braden and Joss.

This was cute. Not as good as the first book, but a fun little read.

Sweet , short story.

Estoy enamorada.

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