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Unfamiliar Fishes (2011)

Unfamiliar Fishes (2011)

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1594487871 (ISBN13: 9781594487873)
Riverhead Hardcover

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I really like listening to Sarah Vowell read her books and was inspired to get this audiobook from the library after attending an event with her this summer where she read some excerpts. The history of Hawaii is interesting but I had a hard time keeping all of the unfamiliar names and places straight, plus I don't think she wrote entirely chronologically which was confusing at times. I think this might be a better book to read and hopefully the printed version has a timeline and maybe a list of major historical characters. That said, I did learn quite a bit and have a better appreciation for Hawaii now. Interesting read that provided some good understanding to the events leading up to Hawaiian annexation. The drawback for me was the folksy sarcasm employed by the author. References to current history instead of being used to illuminate, often added a condescending slant. Despite this, there are many insights into the thinking and actions of the missionaries, sailors, whalers, adventurers and sugar kings who came to the islands.

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Great to listen to the audiobook on a trip to Hawaii!

Well, I could listen to Sarah Vowell talk all day...

Didn't finish it, got bored 3/4 way through

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