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Un Libro (2000)

Un libro (2000)

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8857002527 (ISBN13: 9788857002521)
F.C. Panini

About book Un Libro (2000)

Tullet, H., & Franceschelli, C. (2011). Press here. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.Kirkus Review 2011Concept BookThis book is an event! With the ability to captivate the audience of most any age, Tullet flawlessly carries us through a 2D interactive journey with his dots. They are so simple, with mostly white but some black background, and using really only 3 colors. Once the dots get bigger, multiply, or run around the page, we see a changing visual dynamic with a maintained sense of simplicity. A lot of science is explored here - teaching kids the physics that older people forget you ever learned. I think this could be used in a pre-k classroom for story time, but would be more fun to read in a small group so everyone could interact with it. The story begins by pressing a simple yellow button – from there follow the simple directions of pressing, tapping, mushing, and shaking the dots to see what happens next as the story progresses. It’s pure fun and a very simple magic that speaks to the simplest types of fun – as the pages continue to flip and the story progresses things get messier and crazier. This is one of those books that commands your attention and makes you stop and play regardless of where you are (I’ve seen people plop down in the middle of the bookstore isle reading this book). It makes people stop and think about how simple the story is and how much fun it can be. The bright and engaging colors combined with how the interaction between the illustrations and the text really make this a fun little story. Additionally, the book is durable and encourages heavy interaction and repeat use which is ideal for younger readers. I imagine this will be a huge hit for most ages.

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i can understand why people thought this was creative...but it didn't do anything for me.

My youngest is currently obsessed with this book. I have to admit that even I enjoy it.

Adore, adore, adore. Love the new one from Herve!

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