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U Is For Undertow (2009)

U is for Undertow (2009)

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039915597X (ISBN13: 9780399155970)
G.P. Putnam's Sons

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U is for Undertow (Kinsey Millhone #21) - Sue Grafton Michael Sutton hires Kinsey because 20 years ago a four-year-old disappeared and he thinks that as a kid he inadvertently saw where the little girl was buried. The problem is, he can't be sure where it was, and what's even worse, Michael has a strange relationship with the truth. Did he really see something? Will that help find the girl's killer? I'm a little disappointed with this one because I thought it was going to make a much more interesting story. It wasn't boring, but I don't think it added anything extraordinary to the series. Three stars!  [I'm counting this one for the Cruisin' Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2014] Having read this soon after the first in the series, it is great to see how Sue Grafton has developed. This was a far more intricate plot and, despite its size, I read it in almost a single sitting. Although there was no real 'whodunnit' because you kind of knew who the culprit was fairly early on, the best part of the book was how all of the threads pulled together. I was very slightly disappointed in that there was at least one question which wasn't really answered in relation to Michael Sutton's recall of the events of the 1960s, but nevertheless, I thought this was a really great read.

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This was her best one yet. All the timeline shifts made it so interesting to read.

I haven't read one one these books in a while and it was btter than I remebered.

Much better than the last few. Way better than Trespass!

Start date December 13, 2014Finish date december 21, 2014


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