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N Is For Noose (2008)

N is for Noose (2008)

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About book N Is For Noose (2008)

Starting into the second half of the alphabet now and I have to say, reading these books at the rate of one every three months or so is just right for my tastes. Coming to each one of them after a short break like that is like visiting old friends. It’s a comfortable fit.This time around, Kinsey Milhone, former cop turned private detective, takes a side journey to the small California mountain town of Nota Lake where a well-loved and highly respected member of the sheriff’s department, Tom Newquist, has recently passed away from a heart attack. His wife wants Kinsey to investigate what had been bothering him during the final weeks of his life so she can put her mind at ease. It seems like an easy case…either there is something there or there’s not. But it doesn’t take Kinsey too long to find out that Tom had been investigating a murder with ties to her home town of Santa Teresa. Why he was hiding what he had discovered is where the mystery lies for Kinsey. Along the way, Kinsey finds herself in danger when she starts to get too close to uncovering the truth for herself. Once again we have an excellent plot with superb pacing. The many characters of the small town are well realized and Kinsey’s investigative skills and shear doggedness drive the story. The ending was well done, and in a way that I had not yet seen before, resulting in my own quickening heartbeat as we came to the climax.I’m tempted to start reading “O” right away but I will force myself to be content to let it hang on the horizon for a couple of months. It’s like eating chocolate chip cookie dough…best to spread out the yumminess.

Sorry, I'm a nit picker!First let me say I love the Alphabet Series. Kinsey Millhone is one of my all time favorite characters. As in many similar series, I picture the the main character as the author. (Think Michael Connelly/Harry Bosch. Or Patricia Cornwell/Kay Scarpetta.) I really dig Sue/Kinsey! I think of her as Nancy Drew for big girls.HOWEVER....I have this bad habit, I guess, of noticing errors in books and it drives me nuts. I often wonder how books make it to the publisher with mistakes that are so obvious. There is one in this book and reading it (again) last night it jumped out at me again. On page 124 - in the paperback - Kinsey goes to the Rainbow to talk to Nancy at Alice's suggestion: "I ate a BLT on wheat toast and thenchatted idly with Nancy while she rang up my bill. I already knew what she had to say, but I quizzed her nonetheless, making sure Alice had reported accurately".Then on page 150, Kinsey goes into the restaurant with Rafer and when Nancy waits on them he says, "You met Kinsey?" And she says, "Not formally, but I know who she is. I'm Nancy. You talked to Alice about me". Kinsey answers, "How are you, I'd shake hands if I could".Maybe its not such a big deal, but it does bring me out of the story when I come across a mistake like that!

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I picked this book up right after reading the M book. Kinsey was in such an emotional state at the end of Malice that I just had to know what was going on,so of course Ms Millhone is avoiding all that stuff by taking a job and going right to work. She does kind of deal with the whole Robert Dietz part of hr confusion. She takes care of him after his knee surgery,but as soon as she gets a chance she takes off on a job that was offered to him, he recommends her, and she leaves mostly because she was uncomfortable in the situation to begin with. This leads her in to a whole new set of problems. Kinsey's comfort zone is Santa Teresa, the new case is in a small town in the mountains,Nota Lake. The closed and unwelcoming citizens of that town make it all the more uncomfortable. Kinsey also has to deal with the fact that there might be things she needs help to deal with, and when she cant ask she is tempted to run away from those problems, back the perceived safety of her home.I was so disappointed that Grafton didnt start sorting thru the emotions that came up in the last book, but the story was a good one and in fact opened up a few more things that Kinsey might have to deal with. I get the feeling that she may never deal with this stuff,but I keep hoping. We do have the second half of the alphabet to go thru so there is more then enough time to get there.Again for those who havent found themselves in Santa Teresa, its worth the visit.
—Rugg Ruggedo

Kinsey always gets her manI've been reading Grafton's alphabet series for years. I like this sassy PI and can always depend on her getting herself into an impossible and dangerous situation and when all seems lost, she rises triumphant and solves the case. As always tHis book kept me turning pages to the end, but somehow the whole rational of the plot wasn't one of Grafton's best. But if you like her books, you won't hold it against her, anymore than I's on to "O." Reading all the way through Z is on my bucket list, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Grafton makes it too!
—Charlene Hirschi

I love the Sue Grafton Kinsey Milhone books and the alphabet series. WHY? N for Noose is a fun easy read. As other reviewers noted:1) Grafton's books are not "memorable". 2) Many were written before cell phones, etc. 3) They may contain bad words and have mistakes. 4) Not a ton of romance. That is ok with me. If I forget them ten minutes later? So what. The important thing is I had a great time reading them. I like books that are entertaining and upbeat. Sue Grafton's Alphabet series fills the bill perfectly. And the books in the series are all different. I've never noticed any mistakes. I find the books well written to my [low?] standards. I look forward to reading them. I could never get enough of the alphabet series fast enough for my amount of reading (or listening). I don't remember details from N is for Noose. I know I enjoyed it and look forward to reading another book in the series. Hope this helps. The series is a fun easy read, mixed with some mystery, and Kinsey Milhone is likeable. Not perfect. I won't spoil it for you describing her. Grafton is one of my favorite authors. I wish she had written more books. I look forward to the next one. THANKS Sue Grafton for such an entertaining character.

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