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Two Ravens And One Crow (2012)

Two Ravens and One Crow (2012)

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About book Two Ravens And One Crow (2012)

This was the first of Hearne's novellas I've read.I quite liked it. The beginning and end bits with Oberon & Granuaile were amusing and refreshing. I also liked the more developed role the Morrigan takes. The one thing preventing me from giving it 5 stars is that it felt like there was all this build-up that amounted to nothing. I'm grateful that the Morrigan took slightly more of a central stage, but I felt like Atticus' only purpose was to tell the story in the middle. Barring that, I thought it was a nice novella that provided a great interlude in the Druid training. This is a fun novella that fills in some gaps in a decade and some that gets glanced over in the novels. While Atticus has existed for more than two thousand years, the Iron Druid series focuses on a very current part of his life. The one gap is when he takes on an apprentice in one novel and moves forward a dozen years to the next novel.Two Ravens and One Crow reveals some insight into the past of one of Urban Fantasies favourite new sons. It also casts light on the interplay between the Morrigan, Atticus and the Norse.I keep using Fun to describe Hearnes work and keep trying to come up with something more encompassing. In the end though, Fun is what these are. Atticus and crew are fun and make you want to be a part of things. Can't wait for more.

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A lot of fun for a novella and everything good about the core series. Great little read.

Trying to figure out why it has taken me so long to read this series. Love Atticus!

A little short, but still enjoyable.

Great story...needed more Oberon!


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