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Turn To Me (2000)

Turn to Me (2000)

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0985374217 (ISBN13: 9780985374211)

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So much better than the first book. Why? Kade.Kade Kade Kade.And that is how I ended up on Team Kade (I hope and pray to the heavens it's Team Kade).This series is PHENOMENAL. DO YOU HEAR ME? FREAKING AMAZING. I couldn't put this book down because it was so intense and thrilling. I've come to love Kathleen more as she got a back bone (about time if I may add). I loved how much of Kade we got in this book because I honestly do think that he is a better suit for her. He sees value in her and respects her to be able to handle herself. Which is more than what I can say about Blane, because his earlier comment about needing to coddle her just rubbed me the wrong way. I guess you can call it my own female independent streak. It's difficult really, because while I do see that Blane loves her, his life and choices may not all be fit for her. I just don't see her as a pretty little thing as the governor's wife.And then there's the fact that Kade had the foresight to promote Kathleen, instead of keeping her a lowly temp job. And offering to pay for the self defense classes.I'm telling you guys, Kade is it. Kade is gold, and all the baggage he has pales in comparison to what he could give to Kat. He's funny, he waxes poetic better, and he's... well, Kade. Actions speak louder than words.But after that note, I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed our heroine's bigger role in her investigative job. It suits her, I think. She's become strong, someone that is important and someone you have to contend with. But she is still very much young and some part of her isn't jade or quite cynical yet. It's wonderfully... frustrating. You do not understand how fanatically happy I am that she has kept Blane at bay. Honestly, his scenes are driving me mad and needs to get out the picture. I like that fact that with Kade, it's less about sex and more about building a relationship on trust. I just wish there had been more Kade but hopefully we will have that in the near future!Realistic, this series is not. But hell, it's still so goddamn good to read. 4 1/2 Stars. I couldn't stop to write a review when I finished because I had to start the next book. There isn't a cliffhanger really (not that it matters since as of tomorrow all the books - minus one novella still coming - are out) but I just had to see what happened next.Loving this series more and more with every chapter. The characters are fantastic, the dialogue is great, the setting and story are exciting. The only flaw I see is sometimes the "gun isn't on the wall" but as a reader you catch it and later it is covered. Not really a big deal because it *is* covered, it's just that it's like the narrator forgot to mention it. Honestly, not a huge problem and takes nothing away from how much I am falling for this series.In my review of the first book I said this felt a little Rock Chicks-lite. And I stand behind that. I suggest this series to anyone at all who has read and loved and misses that series. It's sort of filling that need. Believe me, I feel like I spend 75% of my reading life trying to fill the hole left by books I love, so when I find I can almost emulate that feeling... good vibes.I'm not a huge fan of love triangles, but this one is DONE RIGHT. And believe me, that is extremely rare. I have come to love all three of these characters and I while I do have a preference, I don't begrudge the interaction with the other brother. It's a great triangle. And well worth your time even if triangles usually aren't your thing. Because like I said, it is rare to find one done this well. /babbling.Bottom line: Read this series. I'm loving it.

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I thought the first book was good, but this book??? LOVE KADE! This is an amazing series!

4.5 stars! I am so torn between these two men!!! At this point, I love Kade more.

Really well balanced series of books. Lots of angst, romance and action.

I'm hooked loving kade and Blane

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