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Try (2013)

Try (2013)

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About book Try (2013)

I love m/m books, they are my current go to reads. However, I was getting slightly bored of the predictable story plots, and I was looking for something that was just a bit different, but still ticked all the right m/m boxes. And... This book does just that. It's entertaining, original, highly amusing, sexy, addictive and just bloody brilliant. It's a GFY, but does not read that way. The romance between Logan and Tate does not feel forced, it's not a love at first sight type thing - instead, as the reader learns more about Logan and Tate, their relationship with each other builds as well. You grow to love the sexy little sh*t that is Logan, learn why he can be an obnoxious twit, and see his caring and considerate side shine through when he's with his brother and later with Tate. Tate is just one stubborn hot wet dream. And they two of them just fit. Read this. I have, more than once. OMG, I strongly advise reading Ella Frank’s Temptation series by keeping a fan nearby. I have read a few M/M stories, and this is by far my favorite. Be forewarned that it is steamy and descriptive and difficult to put down. This is a series about Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison. Logan is a hotshot lawyer and playboy; he came off of a bad relationship determined to never get attached again and plays both sides. Tate is the new bartender at the nightclub that Logan frequents. There is an instant attraction on the part of both men. Only Tate is currently going through divorce proceedings from his wife. In Try (Temptation #1), we see Logan’s gradual seduction of Tate. Tate tries to understand his attraction to this particular man while struggling with family values and a Catholic upbringing. The courting and banter between them is endearing. I look forward to reading this again!

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dnf, because of too much sex. everybody is aroused ALL THE DAMN TIME. very irritating and boring.

Så svår att lägga ifrån sig att jag läste denna och även uppföljaren på samma dag.

Oh man! How hot are Tate and Logan? You need a bloody fan.

Loved this book !

2.5 Stars

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