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Tricked (2012)

Tricked (2012)

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0345533623 (ISBN13: 9780345533623)
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I so like these books and I might have a little crush on Atticus. The fun continues with a spiritual world I know far less about than the pantheons of other books. One of my favorite parts is the interaction of the elementals with the humans. As usual, Atticus gets himself out of trouble in the nick of time. However, this book has a betrayal that actually made me mist up for a second. I really didn't see that surprise coming. All in all, a great book and I've already bought the next one! All the Iron Druid books are Good Reads, for sure. That said, I think this one was my least favorite so far. Hard to put my finger on it, but to me, it seemed like Hearne was somehow, well, distracted while writing this. Atticus is emersed in a new mythology (Navajo), but the care and attention to world building Hearne usually supplies just wasn't there this time. Ah, well, book still was a fun interlude in the overall series.

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Aha! This series finally finds its wings. Now I'm excited to get the next one.

Any author who can work in a Doctor Who reference is awesome in my book!!!!

did not enjoy this one

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