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Trees #1 (2014)

Trees #1 (2014)

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It is every telling how the issue description stated that this is "Beginning a new science fiction graphic novel..." Aside from the fact that literate comicbooks would only describe themselves as "graphic novels", the description pretty much explains the lack of the first issue satisfaction I normally associate with first issues. Still, I really like the concept by the creators here: remember as children we would poke anthils with sticks? It seems that there is an extraterrestrial intelligence that sees us as less than insects and has proceded to poke our planet with multiple sticks that humanity has come to call as "Trees." Pretty smart stuff which is par for the course for an Ellis book. Solid introduction to the world and general feeling of global society in the wake of the "trees" taking root, as it were. It appears like the trees are the foundational pillars of an alien race settling earth (with no clue/care people even exist). It sounds like green polluted/toxic chemicals spew from the bottoms, as if it were a drainage pipe but it kind of sounds like now, ten years later, that they are just passively there. This first issues gives glimpses of the trees impact at different points on the earth.Kind of had a feeling of- humanity fighting back after apocalyptic devastation. So yeah, issue one is pretty bleak. From my experience with Ellis' storytelling, it will get bleaker and darkly humorous. Can't wait to see where it goes.

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Odd and difficult to follow, but I think this is going somewhere great!

This was a great first issue and I am looking forward for me.

This is on my pull list! Excellent book.

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