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Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis
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Books by Warren Ellis


Planetary, Vol. 4: Spacetime Archaeology (2010)

Okay, Planetary gets better and better, this is a highly recommended series to any comic book fan, you will get here a smart and respectful tribute to almost all comic book genres, pulp, western, monsters, super-heroes, along with creative use of known characters from classic literature and even ...

Planetary, Vol. 4: Spacetime Archaeology (2010) by Warren Ellis

FreakAngels, Volume 1 (2008)

Originally a free webcomic that was released every Friday, this collects the first 24 issues. Twelve children were born in England at exactly the same moment. They exhibit psychic abilities at varying degrees. Six years ago, the world ended in an undisclosed cataclysm that has left civilization i...

FreakAngels, Volume 1 (2008) by Warren Ellis

FreakAngels, Volume 2 (2009)

didn't like this quite so much as the first vol, but that's often the way when a setting or idea is very shiny. plus a lot of this takes place at night, which kind of has the effect of Dogville, high-concept but visually unengaging. but the characters and story are great (surprising optimistic in...

FreakAngels, Volume 2 (2009) by Warren Ellis

Astonishing X-Men, V3 1: Caja Fantasma (2008)

Would I enjoy Warren Ellis’ Astonishing X-Men: Ghost more if it weren’t an X-Men story? Yes. And not only because he takes characters I’m familiar with in directions that don’t seem consistent with their histories.The X-Men here are as savage as I’ve seen them. The team, composed of Cyclops, Emma...

Astonishing X-Men, V3 1: Caja Fantasma (2008) by Warren Ellis

Astonishing X-Men, Vol. 5: Ghost Box (2008)

I tried to go into Ghost Box with low expectations. I knew that it just couldn't live up to Joss Whedon's consistently entertaining run, and the artwork wasn't going to be like John Cassaday's. Still, Ghost Box left me feeling disappointed, not just because it's not as good as the first four volu...

Astonishing X-Men, Vol. 5: Ghost Box (2008) by Warren Ellis

Planetary T.05 (2000)

An interesting and somewhat surprising end to an excellent comic series. Planetary viimane osa, selguvad kõik saladused ja leiab aset võitlus Neljaga. Väga hea.

Planetary T.05 (2000) by Warren Ellis

Planetary, Volume 4: Spacetime Archaeology (2011)

toujours plus d'explications, mais y en a-t-il jamais assez dans Planetary ? So effing good it hurts. I'm sincerely disappointed that it is over.

Planetary, Volume 4: Spacetime Archaeology (2011) by Warren Ellis

FreakAngels, Tome 1 (2010)

"The best non-zombie post-apocalyptic coming-of-age-story I've read all year." This is why I suck at blurbs. It's also the reason I'm entering a hyphen-addiction program. Simply said, I loved this series. Why? 1. It started quickly and managed to do the near-impossible: namely, introduce twelve m...

FreakAngels, Tome 1 (2010) by Warren Ellis

FreakAngels, Volumen Uno (2011)

Started reading the archives for this online after reading Patrick Rothfuss's comment that the author may unseat Joss Whedon for the Witty Dialogue Throne. I do love the individuality of the characters and the interesting post-apocalyptic slant. The language is a bit rough for my taste, but it se...

FreakAngels, Volumen Uno (2011) by Warren Ellis

Freakangels, Vol. 1 (2000)

I started this series, not sure whether I'd want to continue; And for awhile, I didn't, thinking the story wasn't going anywhere fast, but the characters stuck with me even during my hiatus from reading it, during which time I started reading other online comics. In the end though, I continued re...

Freakangels, Vol. 1 (2000) by Warren Ellis

Supergod (2009)

Il concept del supereroe-Dio creato in laboratorio con diverse caratteristiche a seconda dei Paesi che lo hanno generato è interessante, così come le divinità ideate dall'autore. Peccato che Alan Moore abbia creato nel 1988 un certo Dr. Manhattan, e che quindi queste siano delle - pur affascinant...

Supergod (2009) by Warren Ellis

Dead Pig Collector (2013)

Dead Pig Collector by British author Warren Ellis is a horror genre short story with a Gothic feel. What I noticed immediately is a an undertone of rage, a male point of view and a bitter lyrical quality. The Protagonist, Mister Sun, really turns out to be the Antagonist who has a job to do. Unfo...

Dead Pig Collector (2013) by Warren Ellis

Nextwave, Agents of H.A.T.E. Ultimate Collection (2010)

Nextwave are Monica Rambeau (once Captain Marvel), Aaron Stack (once Machine Man), Tabitha Smith (once Boom Boom), Elsa Bloodstone (daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone), and The Captain (The Captain). They have silly adventures together while running from, and trying to stop the nefarious plans of, an...

Nextwave, Agents of H.A.T.E. Ultimate Collection (2010) by Warren Ellis

Astonishing X-Men, Vol. 6: Exogenetic (2010)

I don't generally bother with the x-men, not from any active dislike but due to the fact that 90% of the genre are more or less boring superhero soap operas. The only exception is when i have a great regard for the creative team, such as Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly's New X-men run. So the ...

Astonishing X-Men, Vol. 6: Exogenetic (2010) by Warren Ellis

Ignition City Volume 1 Limited Edition (2010)

Alternate-history graphic novel in which, by the 1950s, man has already been to space and fought Martians, but now space travel is being banned country by country, and Earth’s space heroes are stuck in Ignition City, a spaceport island that’s devolved into a semi-lawless shithole. That’s the back...

Ignition City Volume 1 Limited Edition (2010) by Warren Ellis

Aetheric Mechanics (2004)

Ellis has a go at classic steampunk. It feels a bit too crammed, but I think the problem with this work lies in its length, not in the content. Besides, if Ellis leaves something unresolved, I assume it was done on purpose. The morale being, this is good steampunk & great fun. Excellent drawings ...

Aetheric Mechanics (2004) by Warren Ellis

Caballero Luna: De entre los muertos (2014)

No estoy benevolente y se esta notando en mis opiniones últimamente. La ultima victima de mi amargura va ser el señor Spektor, o Warren Ellis, para el caso es lo mismo. No me he quedado todo a lo gusto que esperaba quedarme tras abrir un tomo del Warren Ellis dando rienda suelta al Caballero Luna...

Caballero Luna: De entre los muertos (2014) by Warren Ellis

Trees #1 (2014)

It is every telling how the issue description stated that this is "Beginning a new science fiction graphic novel..." Aside from the fact that literate comicbooks would only describe themselves as "graphic novels", the description pretty much explains the lack of the first issue satisfaction I nor...

Trees #1 (2014) by Warren Ellis

Crooked Little Vein (2007)

A REVIEW IN THE FORM OF A LIST OF BRITISHISMS IN WARREN ELLIS'S CROOKED LITTLE VEIN:Page 3: "Called" instead of "named." [This, page 3, is when I thought to myself, "Oh maybe the author is British" and did a quick google to confirm. "Silly Warren Ellis," I thought, "Here in America we say people ...

Crooked Little Vein (2007) by Warren Ellis

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