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Trace Of Fever (2011)

Trace of Fever (2011)

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About book Trace Of Fever (2011)

Trace “Miller” is working undercover for a guy with a great deal of political connections who makes money in flesh trafficking. Since his sister had been kidnapped and rescued from traffickers, he’s determined to do his best to wipe out the trade, so wants to take out Murray as well as all of his connections.So it doesn’t help at all when Priscilla (Priss) Patterson shows up at the office, saying she’s Murray’s daughter and wants to meet him. She’s got her own agenda to kill Murray and now Trace has to try to keep her from harm. A great deal could be avoided if they both weren’t so secretive as Priss doesn’t understand exactly what Trace is doing and keeps getting in his way.I’d read the Love Undercover series before starting this one, so I was already familiar with Alice, the receptionist who has a main role in Bare it All. Actually I started reading this particular series because I wanted to read Trace’s story after her story.What the author does best is creating a family of characters that grows with each book with all of the family being present in future books within the series. To that extent we get to know Trace, after having met him in When You Dare. Priss is new to us as is Matt, a hairdresser and apparently a good friend to Chris and Jackson, a new addition to the unit established by Dare and Trace.The bad guys are over the top bad and not only do we witness sex between Priss and Trace, but between the bad guys as well. I could have done without that, but it does showcase what Helene is willing to do and how little Murray thinks of her.This book, for the most part is just okay. There were sections I really enjoyed and others that dragged. The romance aspect had its moments, but without Chris and Matt giving her pep talks, I’m not sure it would have worked for me overall. 3.5 stars Another winner here! :)And, again, I have some issue with the stupid villain... I don't know, I feel torn, on a hand, I feel like the villain should be more conniving, meaner and more astute, on the other hand, I'm glad because I couldn't stand more violence, I really cannot read when the violence is too ugly and being the theme human trafficking, the ugliness could be really at a very high level...I love the heroine, hard and strong, a bit naive but very focused. Trace, well, he's really good and I loved him from the very start.Obviously recommended! :)

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Didn't enjoy this as much as the first of this series...still a decent read though.3.5 stars

love,love,love that book as I love all your books Lori

MMmm, nice. Another great book of the series.

I this is my least favorite of the series.

3.5 stars

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