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Touch & Geaux (2013)

Touch & Geaux (2013)

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1937551865 (ISBN13: 9781937551865)
Riptide Publishing

About book Touch & Geaux (2013)

This one really threw me through a loop! I got to about half way then it all started kicking off and revelations were coming thick and fast. I couldn't put it down till the end, and what an ending! Not going to spoil it for anyone though. This was a good one and now I'm dying to read the next one... I have it downloaded and reading to read tonight :) this series just gets better and better, I think I'll cry when it's over. "Touch & Geaux" is the seventh book and probably the most emotionally wrenching installment in the "Cut & Run" series by Abigail Roux. The book tackles FBI Special Agent Tyler Grady's very dark past and secrets that he's been keeping from even those who thought they knew him best and loved him most come to light, making them wonder just who the real Ty Grady is and how they can ever trust him again.A frantic call from Ty's best friend, Nick O'Flaherty, sends Ty and his partner, FBI Special Agent Zane Garrett to New Orleans, a place that holds certain memories for both of them before they ever got together as a couple. Once they get there, they realize that Nick's call was nothing but a ruse and that the rest of Ty's former Recon Team Sidewinder is also in the city to celebrate the life of their late Sidewinder member. What was supposed to be a few days of reminiscing and paying homage to a fallen comrade becomes one fraught with danger and distrust, especially with the sudden and unexpected appearance of Liam Bell, someone most of the Sidewinder team believed to be dead. When several of Ty's secrets are spilled to Zane and his friends, Zane begins to question what was and wasn't real in their relationship, especially since he feels that the very foundation is based on what he thinks is deception on Ty's end. I love Ty and Zane so reading this book was heartbreaking because it felt as if their relationship truly went through the wringer here. The fact that their pasts are somehow connected may be kind of freaky to some but I prefer to see it as fate having a hand in it. I understand why Zane would feel as if he was betrayed by Ty. I also understand how Nick and the rest of their team would feel the same way. After all, Ty kept some pretty heavy duty secrets from both his lover and his closest friends, respectively. However, I also understand why Ty felt he had to keep those secrets and I really felt for the guy throughout the book because he must have felt as if he was losing the person he loves most, the people he trusts most, and someone he considered more than just his boss. *sniffle*The ending... Goodness gracious, I certainly wasn't expecting THAT to happen! Curious? Then go get the book already! How many times do I have to tell you that this series is a MUST-READ!!! Seriously, people. I wouldn't highly recommend or pester you into buying a book if I thought it sucked. I know M/M romances aren't for everyone but if you're an open-minded reader who reads for the love of reading and wants great writing with characters you'll fall for and story lines that'll keep you guessing, then the "Cut & Run" series is IT for you! ♥Oh, and before I forget, "Touch & Geaux" gets a five-star rating. You didn't really expect anything less, did you? ^.^

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You have got to be kidding ??? What an ending - holding my breath

Still brilliant but nearly killed me.

This one was by far my favorite!


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