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Stars & Stripes (2012)

Stars & Stripes (2012)

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1937551423 (ISBN13: 9781937551421)
Riptide Publishing

About book Stars & Stripes (2012)

I don't know what it is about Ty and Zane, but I just love their stories. This book wasn't my favorite one, but without all of the other crap (meaning the storyline) then Zane and Ty would be 5 huge stars. I love them, I love them together, and I love how they are starting to get really comfortable with each other around other people. I LOVE the sweet and tender moments with these two - they NEVER disappoint! I don't ever want this series to end! IMO, the whole book is just a big fairy tale. I got tired of every animal around loving Ty for no reason. And the tigers? Seriously?? We got rid of the cats (why did the author bring them in the story anyway? They appeared, like, twice and had no meaning except for making me feel bad for Zane) and now there are tigers... C'mon.Unfortunately, Ty still seems more of a MC than Zane to me. Even in Zane's storyline it's all about Ty. I love the boys but give me more of Zane, I want to know more about him.The book was ok and I added a half of a star for coming-outs, that hot sex scene on the couch and dirty-talk. Where's the rock Ty put in his pocket, by the way?..And yeah, these paw prints are horrible.

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I always love these guys. I love that this series keeps going! Ty and Zane FOREVER!

I'm so in love with Ty & Zane. This was the best of the Cut & Run series so far!

Tons of good humor and TIGERS! I mean, it should get all the stars.

This one is by far my favorite in the series! I love Ty and Zane!


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