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Tony Chu Détective Cannibale Tome 1 Goût Décès (2010)

Tony Chu détective cannibale Tome 1  Goût décès (2010)

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About book Tony Chu Détective Cannibale Tome 1 Goût Décès (2010)

Don't read if you don't possess a semi-strong stomach. Seriously. Tony Chu can't see the past of whatever food he eats, including human flesh. The story follows him as he gets an opportunity to put his special ability to use for the F.D.A (the American governmental agency which regulates food and drink). This story is set in a world where chicken is outlawed because of a "avian flu" that killed millions of people. And based on prohibition we know what happens when things people love get outlawed, you get black markets. Chicken black markets. Pretty damn interesting, right?Really enjoyed this storyline. Pretty nasty but very interesting and well written. Also, the main character is a P.O.C. and that's always good to see. I'm definitely going to pick up the next book and see where all this goes. Wow what can I say which hasn't already been said about this unique, wonderful, silly, awesome comic series. Our hero Tony Chu is a cibopathic federal agent meaning he can get information by the stuff he eats and he works with FDA which is the world's biggest law enforcement agency after a Bird Flu epidemic which killed 116 million people world wide and 23 million in USA.Awesome start to the series, our hero eats the murder victims now to get more information about who killed them. I simply couldn't stop reading this book.

Do You like book Tony Chu Détective Cannibale Tome 1 Goût Décès (2010)?

Interesting and different concept, but a bit too gross for lunchtime reading.

So good I don't even know what to write about it.

Original concept, quirky art, fun book.

Pure fun.

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