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Tommy Nightmare (2011)

Tommy Nightmare (2011)

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Why did I wait so long to pick it up? I loved "Jenny Pox" and this is a great follow-up."JP" ended on such a tough note, I never dared to imagine that Bryan would actually go there, and then he did, and then he added this brilliant mythology that no one saw coming yet which totally fits...Anyway, "Tommy Nightmare" picks up where the first book ended but it introduces a few new characters, among other name-giver Tommy, who can inject fear and nightmares with his touch. We learn a lot more about The Paranormals which is quite exciting - I hope the next books will continue this streak and will give a well-rounded picture of the mythology. The plot and especially the finale will pull you in as much as "JP" did, maybe even more since the pace is faster due to more characters.The story really shines with the great characters and their unique abilities, they have their struggles and their dark sides, here the novel is really good, in portraying this darkness as part of full personalities, they are not simply evil. Well, mostly not. Because here is where the novel lacked, most of the protagonists are full fleshed, all but Ashleigh and Seth, who come out way too simple and sadly appear as pure evil vs. pure goodness, and that is even a bigger shame since the others are so 3-dimensional. I really hope Bryan will give us more for them in the next book, it is needed (especially for Seth, he is too bland). That aside, this series turns out great, the fantastical elements dominate over the real life issues (something that blended so extraordinarily well in "JP") but since this fantasy that unfolds is so captivating and original I am fine with that turn. I quite enjoyed how these mystical powers get examined by science and modern law, the clash that is bound to happen should be epic. Next book please!! 4.5 stars!! It kinda confused me at times but still awesome and different. On this journey we are introduced to the fear giver tommy who is the love charmer Ashleighs opposite. We are also introduced to Esmerelda who's always had a thing for Tommy and she has her own unique gift. I got confused at first with the past lives and things like that but quickly caught on. Poor misguided Darcy. Such a lumbering fool that girl just desperate for some love. I'm also slightly pissed at Seth for falling under a spell and breaking Jenny's heart. Jenny has a new hero Alexander (who's book is next on my list). He swoops in and saves her and explains that his power and her power compliment each other and makes them stronger. Ohhhh do I sense a love triangle?? I mean Seth was under a spell but still messed around with an Ashleigh look alike but I think that's giving too much away. So read this book and have your mind blown. I'm off to read Alexander Death!!! I'll be sad when this series ends!!!

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great book! much better than Jenny pox. that one had too much high school drama for me.

I strangely love these books.

It was interesting...

review to come.

3.5 stars

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