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Alexander Death (2000)

Alexander Death (2000)

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Boy Ohh Boy what a great read Alexander Death was for me I really enjoyed and loved this one book and I just know it too Not to trust the handsome bad boy Alexander I know he was bad news from the very beginning I read about him I just wanted to knock some sense to Jenny for trusted him so easily I totally understand why she was so attracted to him so fast but to trust him so easily no I don't understand her on that! but she should have not listen and let Alexander influence her with all the bad crap he was telling her too do but alas her true love and shining armor Seth came too her rescue she was a complete witch to him at the beginning but when she finally realized the truth about who Alexander truly was she choose to be with Seth Ohh the ending the ending was pure perfect and finally good-bye to the evil witches Ashley Goodling and Alexander! Now I can't wait to read Jenny Plague-Bringer next! Until Next Time! So Alexander Death brings us almost to the end, also a new beginning. Poor Jenny. My heart goes out to that girl. Coming home to find your dad almost comatose with fear, not knowing where Seth and Darcy are, to finding Seth in a compromising situation, then running crying into a mob someone whips up to kill you. The last think she needed appeared , our Jenny plague version of the devil. Only she doesn't know it. For about 4 minutes I was worried about Jenny. She changed big time from book 2.

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didn't pack the punch of first book.

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Superb book

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