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Tiger's Quest (2011)

Tiger's Quest (2011)

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140278404X (ISBN13: 9781402784040)
Sterling Publishing

About book Tiger's Quest (2011)

So the book started off great. Then you got into the voyage part.. and I have to admit I felt like it dragged a lot. Kishan just kept forcing his love on Kelsey.. which is so messed up you know considering his brother is being tortured. And then of course... she slaps you with the ending. I think that scenario is everyone's worse nightmare. The person you love not remembering who you are. I can't even imagine what I would do in that situation. So now the love triangle has just gotten real. Now Kishan is looking like a really good option.. Ren may be out of the picture. But if he gets his memory back.. ugh.. I didn't want to get wrapped up in the book because I knew I would have to read all of them and it is a long series.. But dangnt.. And my girls told me it was a strong love triangle.. and they weren't lying! 3,5Sometimes I wonder why am I still reading this. I love the idea, but writing is getting poorer and poorer. And Kelsey which seemed nice character at the beginning is getting more and more irritating. And this damn love triangle which I hoped from the very first time she met Kishan won't be there...Writing sometimes gets better in action parts, but all these love dilemmas are so painful to read. Also I hate that she would keep dating Jason (or whatever his name was) even though they clearly didn't fit, and she had Lee who was clearly better choice at the time.Honestly I kept mentally rewriting so many things...In the end the rating so high, because I love Kishan, even though I have to ignore his random crush on Kelsey.

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I'm loving these series so bad to the point of addiction! :)

Another amazing book to the series! Ahhh!

Funny and romantic i almost cried


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