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Tide Knot (2006)

Tide Knot (2006)

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I've given this a three but honestly, I can't remember what rating I would have given. I'm sure I already wrote a review for this book and a few others that have come up unrated.I enjoyed the rest of this series though, though the lead character was often annoying, so hopefully my score for this one is adequet and fair.EDIT:Ok, I have reviewed it but for some reason it isn't showing up so I'll paste what I wrote here:Wow, well I'm in a bit of a predicament now. I didn't like Ingo very much, did I? But guess what - I saw this book in a charity shop for £1.25 and took the plunge.And now I have to hold up my hands and say damn am I glad I did.It wasn't the best book in the world, I'll admit, but Sapphy really grew up in this. She was still stupid and whiny at times, but definitely less than in the first book and more independant, not relying too much on having Connor around or becoming jealous.The reason I haven't given this four stars is because I didn't much like the ending. It seemed a bit rushed, if I'm honest. Or maybe the build up was too slow?I'm not sure. Either way, I felt like it was all solved a bit too easily.I have The Deep and The Crossing of Ingo after seeing them in a discount book shop near where I live and seeing as The Tide Knot has redeemed my faith in this series, I'm going to complete it.I just hope that the characters continue to grow and the conclusions become stronger or I'll be bored by the end, knowing that there will be all this build up of the characters missing all the signs for it all to be solved in five pages toward the end.

Set on the rugged Cornish coast, Sapphire and her brother Conor's father went missing at sea some eighteen months previously (in book one-Ingo). Now they have moved into a new cottage in a different village with their mother and her new boyfriend.Sapphire isn't happy, but her brother's making the best of it with new friends and goes out surfing most days.The year before they had both had an unusual, mysterious adventure (after their father had disappeared) deep below the waves where they'd discovered and befriended Mer people. In this book Sapphire rekindles her friendship with Faro, a mer boy, and a new adventure begins.There are things happening in the deep that threatens the life of the whole village, and beyond, and it's up to Sapphire & Conor to put things right and stop the sea invading the Cornish coast line and swollowing all the villages.This is a strange book, it seems to drag on in Sapphire's low mood, which becomes quite depressing,(she's a bit of an odd, moody creature) but it's curiously addictive reading.At first I wondered why a book that's so long winded and a bit flat had been published by such a well known publisher, but as you read on you realise that Helen Dunmore is a very talented author with deep insight into human feeling and emotions which she very cleverly puts into words.It's well written and once you start reading this, believe me, you will not be able to stop.

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Jika kematian Cal serta Ali terasa seolah merenggut jantungku keluar, diinjak-injak, kemudian dikembalikan dalam keadaan hancur lebam, maka The Tide Knot membuatku serasa ditusuk oleh bilah pedang tajam dan dingin tepat di jantungku yang setelah beberapa saat rasa sakitnya berubah tumpul hingga tak terasa. Tapi tetap saja kau tahu luka itu ada, kau tahu lubang itu ada di sana.Tidak ada yang nyawanya terenggut dalam buku kedua Ingo ini, kecuali mungkin kucing malang yang terseret banjir itu. Tapi setelah sekian lama menginginkan jawaban atas hilangnya Matthew, ketika jawaban itu diberikan, rasanya begitu menyakitkan.Aku bisa membayangkan rasa sakit Conor dan Sapphire. Rasa terkhianatinya. Aku mencoba mengerti mengapa, seperti Sapphire. Tapi aku tetap merasa ditampar dengan keras dan ditinggalkan, seperti Conor. Tusukan itu cepat, dalam, dan licin.Terkadang pilihan yang kauambil akan membuat beberapa orang terluka. Aku jelas tidak menyangka alasannya, kenyataannya, dan lebih tidak menyangka lagi saat tahu aku pun akan ikut terluka. Rasanya seperti ayah dan ibuku sendiri hanya jauh lebih rumit.Hanya setengah bagian buku ini yang sungguh-sungguh membahas tentang Simpul Ombak; Simpul itu sendiri bahkan baru diperkenalkan di pertengahan buku. Akhirnya terasa seolah diburu-buru, tapi ya sudahlah.
—Dilla Nanditya

The Tide Knot is the sequel to the wonderful book Ingo. Both books are full to the brim of magic, adventure, friendship, mermaids, the power of the sea and lots more. I loved reading both of these books and recommend them to kids of all ages. Nobody is too old for magic!! I would recommend you read Ingo first, if you haven’t already, as things will make a lot more sense when reading The Tide Knot. Sapphire’s first encounter of Ingo was nearly a year ago. Now she, Conner and their mum have moved away from their little cottage near the sea to the busy town of St Pirans. Here the wonderful world of Ingo seems so far away. As do Faro and Elvira, the friends she and Conner made only last year. But when Sapphire finally finds a way to get back to Ingo regularly things turn out worse than she expected. A midnight visit from her long lost father, the dangers of the Deep and the magic of the Tide Knot. Now only she and Conner, with the help of their friends, can save both Ingo and Earth from a terrible fate.

The pull (and story) of Ingo is growing stonger...literally. The characters Sapphire & Conor are growing up and becoming more independant, spending more time away from home and less in Ingo, but the sea cannot be ignored that easily, especially for Sapphire. They have moved further inland, due to thier mother's paranoia and urge to start over with Roger, her new love-intrest since the kid's dad disappeared. Sapphire is given new responsibilities with her dog Sadie who follows her everywhere, except Ingo. The one time Sadie tries to follow into Ingo, she nearly dies from the overwhelming "lost feeling" those who are "land-born" feel while in Ingo. Everyone in the story feels like something omnious and mysterious is about to happen and Sapphire rushes head-first to find out just what it is. Her answers lie in Ingo which is also rushing out to meet her in a tremendous tidal-wave. The reader also finds out what has happened to Saphhire's & Conor's dad, and the answers are quite shocking and scandelous. I can tell this is becoming a rather interresting series & I can't wait to read the next edition.

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