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Helen Dunmore

Helen Dunmore
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Books by Helen Dunmore


The Crossings of Ingo (2012)

buku ke 4 dari serial Ingo.Alur cerita paling menarik dari yang serial ini.Namun ada kekurangannya.Buku ini menceritakan tentang perjalanan yang harus ditempati remaja bangsa Mer di awal masa dewasa mereka.Nah, sayangnya, dengan perairan bumi yang luas ini, ceritanya kok terasa singkat ya? Well, ...

The Crossings of Ingo (2012) by Helen Dunmore

A Spell of Winter (2001)

Well, this book wasn't what I expected at all. I picked it because I saw it had won the Orange award, and went into it not knowing much else about it. The cover made me think I was in for a romance novel with heaving bosoms and complicated schemes to bring about unexpected and perhaps diasapprove...

A Spell of Winter (2001) by Helen Dunmore

Tide Knot (2006)

I've given this a three but honestly, I can't remember what rating I would have given. I'm sure I already wrote a review for this book and a few others that have come up unrated.I enjoyed the rest of this series though, though the lead character was often annoying, so hopefully my score for this ...

Tide Knot (2006) by Helen Dunmore

With Your Crooked Heart (2001)

With Your Crooked Heart is definitely a dark and moody read, so if you need something uplifting, maybe you should set this aside for a day you're feeling cynical. It isn't Dunmore's best, but it was interesting, to say the least.The novel centers around the life of Louise, a once-beautiful and co...

With Your Crooked Heart (2001) by Helen Dunmore

Ingo (2006)

“Ingo’s a place that has many names, ” says Granny Carne. “You can call it Mer, Mare, or Meor…Earth and Ingo don’t mix, even though we live side by side. Earth and Ingo aren’t always friends…”Despite Granny Carne’s words, in Helen Dunmore’s fantastic fantasy Earth and Ingo do mix–with consequence...

Ingo (2006) by Helen Dunmore

Mourning Ruby (2005)

Mourning Ruby is more or less about a mother who is grieving the tragic loss of her five-year-old daughter. But the "more or less" part cannot be overlooked. If it weren't for the title and the ominous cover picture featuring a little girl skipping in the leaves in a red dress, the reader would...

Mourning Ruby (2005) by Helen Dunmore

House of Orphans (2006) this book is titled 'House of Orphans', we actually meet very few orphans, in fact only Eeva, female protagonist of the story, and Anna Lusa, who runs the orphanage. The orphanage is just used to set the scene for the story of Eeva because it is t...

House of Orphans (2006) by Helen Dunmore

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