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This Is What Happy Looks Like (2013)

This is What Happy Looks Like (2013)

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0316212822 (ISBN13: 9780316212823)

About book This Is What Happy Looks Like (2013)

A) I was completely invested in Ellie and Graham's relationship: I honestly thought at the beginning when they first met that they would have been a whole lot better as platonic friends, but I slowly warmed up to the idea of them dating as well, especially after a certain chapter where they both go hunting for whoopie pies. WHOOPIE PIES :*B) For some reason some of my update statuses have been repeated twice. I is confused.C) I was shipping Ellie and Quinn: Yeah, OK, not shipping in the literal (bloggy?) sense of the word, but you know what I mean. I loved their friendship because it signified so much about the book itself: that Graham wasn't the only thing revolving around Ellie's universe, that she cared and loved her best friend, and her best friend, in turn, did the same. I loved Quinn so much. In fact, I would probably like to see a story by Smith from Quinn's POV. She deserves an entire sequel for herself.D) I was in love with Henley: Because DESCRIPTIONS. Jennifer E. Smith has such an articulate and precise way of describing the world her characters live in that it desperately made me want to live in it as well. Henley, Maine, is described as being tranquil, silent, peaceful, and beautiful. It is my ultimate destination and I honestly wished I lived in someplace similar to Henley.E) THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD. Read it. I admit, there were a few flaws, but then if you're looking for flaws, you're bound to find them. This is What Happy Looks Like is definitely a light-hearted romantic comedy that will have you laughing and shipping and all that other stuff we readers do in no time. I definitely recommend it for fans of Anna and the French Kiss and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. Boring. Emotionless. Linear. Cliche. With a bunch of classic book references. It did make me smile a couple of times, but that was it. There was no real problem. People were nice and came around. There was no intensity whatsoever. It was plain okay, noth ing particularly annoying either. Sometimes the details don't match up though. Unrealistic. The characters too, were not consistent. And there were really cliche, cardboard moments with the characters, but also some details that rang real, as if it was based on the author, or at least a real person. And the last sentence did not make much sense. Nice cover though.

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3.5 very very cheesy. But I have to admit there was some really cute moments between them.

I loved this book! It had a very interesting story and a great outcome.

Never ever disappointed with one of her books.

Pretty predictable, but a decent book.

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