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This Is A Book (2011)

This is a Book (2011)

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0446539708 (ISBN13: 9780446539708)
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About book This Is A Book (2011)

This is a Book is 2 parts mediocrity and 8 parts profound hilarity. About the 8 parts: you know how when you read something so acutely funny that you are consumed with a flaming desire to stop everything and run into the street right now and tackle somebody, ANYBODY, to read a page to, because the awesomeness of it all is so great and amazing that it threatens to explode your brain, and the only thing that stops you from doing so is the specter of mandatory therapy (again)? That. This book is all over that. Funny and witty.Unfortunately, sometimes I couldn't laugh at the punchline because of cultural differences. (It sometimes happens when I watch foreign comedy shows or movies.) But all in all, it was funny.This book contains many short funny stories (some of them are not "stories", though.) and they are silly but funny. "How I Felt" "Palindromes for Specific Occasions" and " The Word Awards" are my favorite and they made me think Demetri Martin is clever. He is not famous in Japan so I haven't had a chance to see his standup, but I really wanna see it. It should be funny.

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Demetri Martin is the best comedian! Great material.. Always makes me laugh!!

Fun book, some really good laughs and a lot of entertaining stories.

The prose was hit and miss, but the graphs and charts were hilarious

Brilliant. He should go into comedy.

I love Demetri Martin!

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