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Thief Of Shadows (2012)

Thief of Shadows (2012)

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1455508322 (ISBN13: 9781455508327)
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I didn't care much for this Maiden Lane book. It was kind of a flip from the normal romances, for the heroine, Lady Beckinhall is the one to instruct Winter on the sensual arts, as he is a virgin! What? Having devoted his life to being the Ghost of St Giles and rescuing children from the streets, he has remained celibate. While living the life of an apparent monk, he eventually has an affair with a woman older than he is, who is a lady of quality, who suddenly decides life in an orphanage is perfectly fine. Oooo kkkkkkkk, and then we learn, after all this, there is more than one Ghost, so why did he sacrifice so much when it didn't all fall on his shoulders? Hmmm, still debating that one... 3 stars.Hmmm. I had mixed feelings about this book. There were scenes that I loved- when the hero is jealous of himself and can't stop thinking whether it is his alter ego that the heroine wants or his true self. That was hilarious. However, I didn't like the ending. :( It felt like they didn't get a complete HEA and no proper epilogue. I think the heroine being barren is an unnecessary drama. I didn't like it. It didn't feel fair that these two lonely people will never experience how it feels to have someone who is both a part of them on the elemental level. It's sad that they won't have biological children even if they do have adopted ones. But that's just me.

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I cannot read this series fast enough! Thank God my library had them all!

Loved it! I definitely recommend Elizabeth Hoyts Maiden Lane series.

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