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These Foolish Things (2012)

These Foolish Things (2012)

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About book These Foolish Things (2012)

I really enjoyed this- it was funny and interesting. It balanced the multiple stories well, having enough to maintain a fast paced and interesting narrative, but not so many that the individual strands were neglected or rushed. There were rather a lot of characters who weren't quite distinctive enough for me to easily connect names to their backstories and current place in the plot, but I found it didn't impede upon my enjoyment. I would read this book again, perhaps even purchase a copy for myself if I saw it for a good price. Hard to not picture the actors from the movie while reading the book. Should be an interesting book discussion with topics: race, class, family, way we treat & deal with the elderly. Book has several additional characters and plot lines than the movie had, in my remembering of it. Basic plot: elderly British retirees move to aging hotel in India to save on retirement home/nursing home costs. Relationships with adult children and with each other, cross cultural challenges, aging and death make up the book.Wonder if elderly people would enjoy the book or if it would hit too close to home? Suggest for people who like books set outside of US, family relationships, challenges of aging.

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Great read, especially for anyone who's Visited India!

I liked the movie better than the book

Fab book.

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