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Thereby Hangs A Tail (2010)

Thereby Hangs a Tail (2010)

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About book Thereby Hangs A Tail (2010)

Sorry readers but this is not a review although I have read this book. I have given all the Chet and Bernie mystery series 5 stars simply for the pure enjoyment of reading them. If you end up loving a book and want to read it over and over and you fall in love with the characters isn't that worthy of 5 stars? Not only have I read them, I have listened to the recordings. Can anything be better than to hear one of your most beloved book characters talk? Since I now have read all of Chet and Bernie's mysteries except for the kindle versions I have fallen into deep depression. I need Chet the Jet to come and administer some kind words of wisdom such as "...and therefore...". I want to adopt Chet and promise to make sure he ate 2 or 3 square meals a day (which at times Bernie tends to forget) and get him those Memphis ribs at least once a week. I would schedule play dates with Iggy his best friend so they could romp through the house and be able to go outside. Chet could lead him through the gate to the wonders of the Canyon which is outside his fence. Oh Chet, I do love thee. You make me smile, laugh, chortle out loud in the Doctor's office during lengthy waits and cheer you and Bernie on in your adventures. Please make Bernie hire more clients so you can have more adventures which I can read and don't ever lose your ability to make so many readers happy and delighted with your fine analytical mind. As cute as the 1st book. The author has humans' ideas of how dogs think down pat. In fact, he does a better job with the dog than with the human characters; they tend to be somewhat one-dimensional. Also, the plot is rather predictable for a mystery, which is a shame. But reading about Chet kept me turning the pages, occasionally laughing out loud, and made the book as a whole worthwhile. I'll be back for book #3.

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Kind of like a Stephanie Plum series for dog people. =)

I love this series and it's great on audio!

Book 2 - another good, light read!

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