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There Is No Light In Darkness (2013)

There is No Light in Darkness (2013)

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Claire Contreras

About book There Is No Light In Darkness (2013)

Love, love love!!! This is one of my favorites! Cole is one of those guys that loves his woman obsessively. The way he loves & adores Blake is every woman's dream. I've re-read this series so many times, and I love it every single time. If you haven't read this series, you should. I guarantee you'll love it! Cole will completely steal your heart. He's hot, smart, funny, a little jealous, a lot possessive and just such a man!! This was a fantastic read; not just a piece of fluff (not that that's bad mind you :) Blake in a young child when her family is murdered and she is kidnapped and placed with a friendly woman. She grows up with 2 boys who treat her like family. Years later, Blake is a law student rooming with Aubrey, one of the boys grown up and is trying to find out information regarding herself. Cole grew up with Blake as well, but he has always been in love with her, but she is afraid to get close to anyone. She decides to let him in and actually be happy when the cliffhanger happens at the end of the book. This was the perfect blend of mystery, angst, romance, and a gripping story! I could not put this book down.

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I'm still processing this story. It ended on a cliffhanger! Luckily, I have the second book. Yay!!!

Started out strong and then just became really tangled. There's a cliffhanger.


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