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The Sinner's Bargain (2000)

The Sinner's Bargain (2000)

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About book The Sinner's Bargain (2000)

If you have not read The Devil's Contract, stop and read it first. This book is part two. I waited until both books were out and I am so glad I did. I had to pick my chin up off the table from The Devil's Contract. I don't even think I knew what had happened. I just immediately started The Sinner's Bargain. The story continues with Amara and the contract that is causing her heartache and pain. However, now she has the added confusion and betrayal of how Colin fits into the mix. He loves her...he hates her...your not sure. "He looked at her. Through her. Inside her. It laid her bare and tore her apart at the same time."The Sinner's Bargain is a breathtaking end to The Devil's Bargain. It is a must read. I loved every single page. Melanie’s 3.5 Star Review:I know that the popular saying goes, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” but in Claire Contreras follow-up book, The Sinner’s Bargain, we find that Colin Wolfe is THE man scorned and I can say that the fury behind his eyes were set ablaze. With that fire burning in his eyes and the cold as ice revenge cursing through his veins, Colin becomes a whole different man. What remains the same is my love lust over his character.The Sinner’s Bargain begins right where The Devil’s Contract ended and for those who have read the first book, you all know what a cliffhanger that was! With Colin now part of the mix, Amara finds herself unable to trust anyone around her, making her life even more dreadful with her mother’s ill health.There were so many moving parts, all moving at different directions and at different speeds that I once again found myself lost in translation. I didn’t know who was who and what was what during so many scenes and couldn’t decipher whether a character was introduced to further complicate the situation or if those character truly had a purpose to the overall story line. All of this really threw me off balance and I was unable to fully invest much of my emotions because most of the time i was trying to figure out what was happening, deterring me from being able to feel much towards the story line.What I can tell you really worked incredibly well for me was the romance that remained sizzling between Amara and Colin amidst the turmoil and the lack of trust that we first see these two undergo. What can’t be denied is their love for one another and I felt the angst as they both battled to stay stoic with one another; fighting both the love and the lust that they could only find with one another. There were so MANY scorching moments between Amara and Colin! Claire does a wonderful job show casing their chemistry. I was out of breath reading scene by scene– each of them involving a heated exchange in the every surface of every room that they could find. WHOA mama!! The situations that Amara has to face in this book to gain her the freedom she so greatly thirsts for are not easy. Lots of threatening and gruesome moments arise which would ultimately change her forever.I would recommend this book to those who love a thrilling love story with a heavy weight of suspense and of course, those who love a hot alpha male who will drive you wild.

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I was looking forward to reading this book but I found it to be boring, confusing and incomplete.

I'm confused. I read it to finish it, wanted to love it... But didn't.

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