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Then Again (2000)

Then Again (2000)

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I listened to the recorded version of this book, which was read by the author. It was generally good - not as self-serving as many memoirs, but then what would you expect from self-deprecating Annie Hall? But I enjoyed hearing about her life, and this memoir focused on her relationship with her mother, thought there was much more. Keaton read the book well, which cannot always be said about authors who record their own books. It was a very personal reading. The drama got just a bit over the top however, when Keaton cried during the sad parts; it sounded like a dramatic performance.Overall, though, I enjoyed learning about Annie Hall's experiences. I just finished reading Diane's latest "Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty" which I liked very much. Although some wrote reviews that she rambled on too much, I had to ask myself "Did these people think they were reading Princess Diana's Autobiography?" Sorry, Diane is herself--her true self and "As I Was Saying" sounds lovely so far. As I was writing my review on Pretty, someone had mentioned they got the audio book on this as Diane reads it. I love that!! She also sings a little, an yes, she chokes up when talking about her mother's Alzheimer's. More to come!This was such a delight to listen to! I highly recommend the audio version.

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Surprisingly beautiful and poignant. Keaton is everything she appears to be and more.

Makes me want to keep a journal.

Very revealing and absorbing

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