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The Wild Rose (2011)

The Wild Rose (2011)

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Jennifer Donnelly's first part, "The Tea Rose" was the one I really enjoyed. Both Part II and III are good, but nothing exceptional.The story is dragging in parts. I could not decide if I like the charactrs or not. I could not even identify myself with any of them.The whole subject of the German spy got a bit confusing at the end, and did not make sense. It felt orchestrated - creating a move to bring the story to a happy ending. I cannot even say that this is a quick relaxing read, since this is an extensive story.I finished it, because I wanted to know whether I guessed the right ending or not. Wow...that ending is I am still mind boggled. I need a few hours, or days, to gather my thoughts.Update:Although the information on the issue in the Middle East during the early 20th century was a bit bias, I still found the immense detail included to be extremely entertaining and intriguing. This historical fiction centers around the events prior, during, and after World War 1, and all the while the author was able to captivate readers with the characters and their struggles, and the way they were so beautifully created made them that much more realistic. A reader knows that they're holding a great book when they find themselves feeling raw and utter pain for a fictional character, when sometimes they themselves fail to feel that pain for an actual living that is genuine writing. The one character who caught my eye from the very first page was Max von Brandt, and he is one of the very reasons I couldnt put the book down. He also happens to be the reason why I gave this book a five star rating instead of four. I cant remember the last time I was introduced to a character that tangled me up so tightly in my own web of assumptions and opinions of him. He is the epitome of complexity, and he left me in awe. The way the author chose the end the book was a rather refreshing slap in the face, and that is an oxymoron I would have never imagined myself using before I read this book. On a different note, I have to comment on the entire idea of the British capturing Damascus with the sole intent to "free" Arabia. That is one reoccuring phrase that aggravated me, and I realize that the author wrote this in regards to the way the British viewed the matter at the time, but I just wanted to clear air for anyone who read, or is intending to read this novel: Donnelly mentioned in the book that the British dont want to control Arabia, they just want to have an influence in it. I found this statement extremely contradicting, due to the fact that after the first Warld War ended, the British Mandate was created, giving the British control over all of Palestine, all the way to 1948, when they handed Palestine over to the Zionists, an action which can only be done by a country that is, indeed, CONTROLLING, (not influencing), the Middle East. The Middle East was not saved in the results of World War 1, rather it has been set up for destruction.

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Really enjoyed this trilogy! The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose, and the Wild Rose

Loved this series, but this one was my least favorite

Predictable, but still a great story.

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