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The Wild Ones (2012)

The Wild Ones (2012)

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About book The Wild Ones (2012)

I am on a total NA Romance/Michelle Leighton binge right now! Over the past couple of weeks I have all but disregarded my TBR pile in favour of reading Michelle’s books as fast as I can and in quick succession. After reading the 3 books in the Bad Boys series and the 2 books (so far) in the Pretty series it made sense to make a start on the Wild Ones series!The story is all about Cami Hines, daughter of the prolific stable owner Jack Hines, and Patrick ‘Trick’ Henley who has recently moved back home to help out his mother and sister.One thing I am absolutely loving about all of Michelle’s books that I’ve read so far is that there is a dual POV in play throughout the narrative. I love that we are able to see life from Tricks perspective, especially when it comes to his feelings for Cami.There is a draw between the two main characters which is immediately apparent, intense, undeniably hot and palpable. I think that spark between them is emphasised by the dual narrative. I felt just as drawn to Trick as Cami seems to have been but I really liked her strength and resolution when it came to not acting on her feelings towards Trick when she was with boyfriend Brent.I loved the story running through the main plot of “breaking” the wild horse and how desperate Trick was to prove to himself, his father and to Jack that he could do it.Cami’s father annoyed my throughout most of the book - treating Cami as a possession and trying to control her life. The reason for his attitude towards both Cami and Trick doesn’t become apparent until nearer the end of the book in a bit of a plot twist thrown in to disrupt the character’s lives. I hate to see the characters hurting but I must admit I totally love all the angst! I saw this book in the store and was like hmm,the cover looks interesting enough. Sigh guess I haven't learnt my lesson when it comes to the whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" thing. I mean, the book started off decent but after a while I was like..ugh could we get to some exciting parts already. I tried to stick it out and be a good girl and read everything but I didnt have the you know What?! I cheated and skip pages ahead to the Juicy parts..sorry but I just had to..since I did like some parts I won't be evil and give it one star.

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