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The Vincent Boys (2000)

The Vincent Boys (2000)

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About book The Vincent Boys (2000)

It was better than i expected actually and the 4.02 might be a little unfair. The story of two people who have been in love since even before they knew it always gets to me. There is something so pure and yet strong about such a love (can not but feel a little jealous!). This book has it all love innocence, love, lust, name it ;PIt has the right ingredients for the epic love story though you feel the predictability seep in due to the lack in the writing department. All in all a good cover to cover read for when you hit the road. Urgh what is with these heroines that make everything about them?I know, I know - it's their story but still.Ashton is kind of a spoiled brat.Aside from the fact she has these boys fall over themselves and she does what she wants when she wants.The real thing that got me was when her fraternal grandmother died her mum tells her "I know it will be hardest on you"Hmmm really?Cause I kinda think it would be hardest on her dad - you know the one that lost a parent? And maybe her aunts and uncles of the grandma if she had more than one kid. I don't think her Ashton's mum would have been out of line saying "Hey I know it's hard, we all loved her. We just need to be there for your dad while he grieves for his mum" What?!?Perspective in a YA novel. Now you're talking crazy.

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Abgebrochen nach 130 Seiten. Wenig Story, dafür nur schmutziges Gelaber und null Gefühle.

Totally love the good boy/ bad boy/good but not that good of a girl triangle.....

4.5 STARS.I really liked it :) Ohh Abbi Glines writes really good books :)

Rápido de leer pero sin mayores complicaciones

2.5 stars

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