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The Training (2013)

The Training (2013)

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About book The Training (2013)

The third book in the submissive series left me frustratingly unfulfilled. While Im down for a good love story, there has to be some angst involved. I can appreciate that the book told the story from both Nathaniel and Abby's perspective. But seriously?? A few arguments here and there, Abby's "training" was sadly lacking, and there was NO angst! Maybe its just me, but I require some angst in any story that I read, it keeps the story interesting. Angst was in the first and second book, but the third book? Its like Tara Sue Me decided that she was tired of the series and took the easy way out just so she could be done with it. Sorely disappointed after being drawn in by the first two books. NO. Just no.I really loved the first two books of this series, but this one, I just can't. This is my first DNF book. I hate to mark it as that, but I would rather gouge my eyes out then read this. Maybe (I highly doubt it) I will get so bored and I have no choice but to finish it. But don't hold your breath.I felt like the characters weren't the same anymore. The chemistry just wasn't there for me. This whole, be my girlfriend on the weekdays and my submissive on the weekend, is just a total turn off for me and ruined the story. I couldn't adjust to being a "normal" couple, then the weekend gets here and his bossing her around again and she is his submissive. Honestly, he just lost the authority in his tone, his actions with her. He didn't act like the same Dominant. I couldn't read any more of it. At the same time, I gave up pretty early, because it was that bad, maybe if I read past it, it will turn good (doubtful). I recommend the first two books, but just be thankful for them and skip this one.

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yay, love the happy ending. love the series and would love more of this couple. great read

Absolutely loved it! The perfect culmination of the first two books.

Great ending! All questions answered, and nice wrap up at the end.

A satisfying conclusion to this trilogy. "You are my 1%." *swoon*


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