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The Time Traveler's Wife (2013)

The Time Traveler's Wife (2013)

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About book The Time Traveler's Wife (2013)

When I first saw the title, I was bombarded with thoughts with what is the story all about. I know that this is a love story, and I am not a huge fan of love stories. My type of love stories are the one which is unconventional - a plot twist perhaps or the conflict is something unusual. But this story fits my type of a love story.I don't know how Audrey Niffenegger created such an amazing book. And whenever I read Claire Abshire's perspective of the story, I always cry. I would always put my shoes in Claire's character and I would cry a lot. I asked myself, "If I were married and my husband is like Henry DeTamble, what would I do?" or the question "How would I feel?" and I would just cry. Niffenegger's style of writing is melodramatic and somehow I could relate to her stories. this book is wonderful, magical, and my all time favorite book, EVER!!!!! this was only the second time I read it, but even after reading it just the first time it had earned the top spot on my favorite's list. I was hesitant to read it a second time now that I have read a ton more books, concerned I wouldn't see it the same as the first time through. but I am glad I re-read it and I am sure I will be re-reading it again in the future. The time traveler's wife is a beautiful love story that brought me to tears a few times through out and ended with me full on sobbing at the end. Such a fabulous portrayal of how deep two people can love each other!

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I knew I would have to suspend belief but overall I found the whole thing a bit suffocating.

Great novel about time travel, love and the concern about the concern of approaching death.

Letto in italiano... NArrazione le lenta ma che uccide colpo dopo colpo.

Time travel is confusing.

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