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The Time In Between (2009)

The Time in Between (2009)

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About book The Time In Between (2009)

J ai toujours aime' une belle histoire ou meme tout simplement une histoire jus que avoir lu ce livre. L histoire est excellence mais il n y aucun style. Le personnage, Sira, pas grand interet mais Le set out est tres intelligent, l espagne, Le Maroc dans les annees 36-39 puis la Guerre. Certaines idees Sont aussi interessantes, l histoire d une couturiere, pratique net pas d histoire d amour mind ami tie, juste son histoire a Elle. Un page turner quoi, pas grande literature mais un plaisir a lire. This historical fiction is wonderful to read. Set in Madrid, a young, naive girl engaged to a kind and gentle man is swept away by a cad. They marry and move away only for him to take all her inheritance, leave her pregnant and alone in an unknown world with his debts to pay. She pulls herself up and out of her situation only to be pulled/pushed into another confusing world of Nazis and Franco. Lots of background information about Spain and the war and underground espionage. Gripping story with lots of background historical information. Duenas is a world class writer and did lots of research to write this novel that has been translated into many languages. Don't miss it!

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