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The Temptation Of The Night Jasmine (2009)

The Temptation of the Night Jasmine (2009)

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0525950966 (ISBN13: 9780525950967)
Dutton Adult

About book The Temptation Of The Night Jasmine (2009)

in this installment of Willig's Pink Carnation series, we follow Lady Charlotte Lansdowne on her quest for true love. An imaginative, naïve, bookish young lady who fully wishes for a knight in shining armor to sweep her off of her feet, Charlotte pictures herself as the heroine of her own story, often relating those in her life to the characters she reads about in novels. Celebrating Christmas at the family seat, she is as surprised as anyone when her distant cousin Robert (and the current duke) appears from India. Love, intrigue, disreputable young men, usurphers of power, and spies from France ensue, causing Charlotte to leave her protective bubble and realize that life and love are not nearly as linear as they seem in the plots of her beloved novels. A well-researched period piece, I continue to find enjoyment in the historical fiction part of this series while simultaneously wanting to throttle modern-day Harvard researcher Eloise in her ongoing relationship with hte hunky English descendent of the spies she is researching. At this point, if I was the kind of person who could do it, I would skip right over the modern chapters and only read the historical fiction part of the story. Alas, I am that much of a nerd that it seems disrespectful to the book itself and to its author to skip over parts of the novel simply because I do not like one of the characters, so I will continue to want to scream at Eloise all the while enjoying the story of the lives of those she is researching. It was okay, though there was barely any romance. lukewarm kisses in the shadows and then at the very silly romance. i have become quite disappointed in the author. in the first three books there is a romance not to mention hot scenes in gardens and boats plus sex. in the the fourth book there is sort of a romanc and your lead to believe that there might have been sex. all you know is that the woman laid down with her love in a rob and when she wakes up the rob is on the floor . so who really knows. in this one there isn't even sexual thoughts. and for most of the book the heroin is mad at the hero. Even the meat of the story is spent in either the here's head or the heroine's head and not much on doing any actual action. I was not really happy with this book and hope that the next one goes reads like three first three books.

Do You like book The Temptation Of The Night Jasmine (2009)?

This is one of my favorites in the series. I hope we see these characters again.

Actually I listened to this one, but it was just as good as reading.

I liked Charlotte but found her Duke to be massively boring.

love this series


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