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The Strange Case Of Finley Jayne (2011)

The Strange Case of Finley Jayne (2011)

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Harlequin Teen

About book The Strange Case Of Finley Jayne (2011)

A great introduction to Finley and her great powers. It takes the reader right up to the point where the first book begins, with a fun "cliffhanger" setup (even though we know what the big starting event is already). Seriously, though, her editors need to read her work with a fine-toothed comb. In the books, it's constantly describing Emily's hair as "ropey" that annoys me. In this Emily-less story, it's the fact that every single dress described, literally ALL of the dresses, are purple. All of them. Was there a run on plum velour on the Mayfair shops? Why do these people only wear one color? That's annoying!! One of the best things about steampunk books is picturing the great, fantastical outfits--making them all purple takes the joy out of the imagination process! I'm a huge fan of anything Victorian. So, when steampunk became the "thing" I jumped on it. Granted, I think I jumped on it before it was a huge deal, but if so, it wasn't long before it was steampunk this and steampunk that. THE STEAMPUNK CHRONICLES, Kady Cross's young adult steampunk series, started roughly the same time. I was planning on reading the first book a while back, but finally got to it with my library book. That said, the novella THE STRANGE CASE OF FINLEY JAYNE was in the book and I felt compelled to read it before delving into the first book in Cross's series.I'm glad I did that. I honestly don't know if I would have felt as connected with Finley, the main character, unless I had read the novella first. The novella also gave me an opener on what Cross's steampunk world was going to be like. There is extremely advanced technology (automatons or metal walking horses) and there is cultural comparisons to what our world would know as Victorian London.The novella itself is fast paced and fun. You get to learn who the main character is and see her in action. Which is great. I am going to read the actual first book in the series and from what I've read, I don't think I'll be disappointed. Finley and the other characters are well rounded and really make the world its own world. Finley is a caring girl and sometimes gets succumbed by her dark impulses to act unladlylike in the midst of danger. That's what makes her so amazing. She tries to be meek and with her station, but when there is a wrong, she makes it right. Granted, it is like it isn't her doing it, but she still does it. Finley is the girl I wish I was like as a teen. I'm looking forward to reading more about Finley.

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Excellent prequel to The Girl In The Steel Corset, it was great reading more about Finley's past.

Better than the other novella I read by her. A pretty good and quick read but nothing special.

review to come.

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