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The Slow Regard Of Silent Things (2014)

The Slow Regard of Silent Things (2014)

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About book The Slow Regard Of Silent Things (2014)

I'm of two minds about this book, which is a novella set in the same world as the first two books in the Kingkiller Chronicles. On the one hand, it seems kind of self-serving - Auri is one of the author's favorite characters from said chronicles, and there isn't much of a plot here. As some have said, it's somewhat more of a character study than a story. On the other hand, the writing is beautiful, and the author actually writes a female character quite well, which is a change from his somewhat sexist take on female characters in the aforementioned books. It also does end with some hints about things to come. I found I was a bit bored at first, but then I got swept up on the language, and the ending was quite intriguing. All in all, I'm glad I read it, but I would really like book 3 to come out now, so I can see if it redeems book 2 (which was a bit of a disappointment after the first book was so good!). Read this only if you read the first 2 books, and you really like Auri, and don't mind a story that's more description and hint than plot. If you prefer a clear plot and storyline, you can likely skip it and be just fine. 3.5 stars A wonderfully unusual piece of writing which defies the traditional architecture imposed upon the genre. "The Slow Regard of Silent Things" is a crisp, clean, vivid read which may all the same require multiple readings by those familiar with "The Kingkiller Chronicle" and will undoubtedly confound -- if not outright frustrate -- those unfamiliar with the rich world Patrick Rothfuss created and the intelligence of his delivery.

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Beautiful, a joy to read words that have music in them. I'm off to write a song about it.

very different thant what I expected. but fitted auri perfectly. a fun read :)

What a wonderful glimpse into Auri's world!

Better understanding of auri

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