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The Secret Circle: The Captive Part II And The Power (2009)

The Secret Circle: The Captive Part II and The Power (2009)

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0061671355 (ISBN13: 9780061671357)

About book The Secret Circle: The Captive Part II And The Power (2009)

This is a really good book series :) I like all of the characters and the plot was interesting, however I would have loved a bit more depth and insight into the characters and story. I can't really say much more about it, it's a great series but I wanted this book to develop more from the first. Overall, it is one of L J Smith's ok series, I have to admit it wasn't the best series I have read of hers, but it certainly wasn't bad. I was first attracted to The Secret Circle because of the tv show on living. However when that was cancelled and I found out there was a book I decided to read it. Similar to most thing the book and the series are two completely different things. Although many things are the same, many things are also different. The book was good. Not as amazing as it could have been. In many ways it seems that the story is going nowhere and there aren't many parts that have you on the edge of your chair.

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I loved every single minute of this book! Absolutely has become one of my very favorite series.

I liked this one so much better then the first. I'm so happy I decided to read this.

Amazing and lovely story. Could hardly put it down. Just wanted to read on and on

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