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The Rose Garden (2011)

The Rose Garden (2011)

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0749009519 (ISBN13: 9780749009519)
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About book The Rose Garden (2011)

This was a really good read. I couldnt put it down. However, I was a little disappointed with the story. I wish there was more interaction between the main characters before they connected. The author seemed to spend more time on the main character flashing to the present rather then developing the relationships between the characters of the past. The ending was bit disappointing as well. There was a huge event and then the main character flashes back to the present. Afterward your left hanging and want to know how the characters of the past reacted. You think the author will bring you back but in the end your left hanging and its a huge disappointment. Just wish we could have had more Fergal and Daniel in the end!! They were the best. This author has really been hot and cold for me. Finally I have to say I guess I am just not a fan of time travel, especially when romance is involved. I can't image anyone, especially any woman choosing to go back in live an a so much less enlightened time. I was bothered by their being no explanation even attempted as to why only these two women are affected and in such a peculiar manner (leaving their own time and returning at exactly the time they left, but in the past having time pass in real time). I am not opposed to suspending my disbelief, but once the believability factor (for me)just can't be ignored, every little thing bothers me. I wont list them here. I do have to admit that Claire's story, revealed at the end ameliorated my discontent to some extent. I like the style of Kearsley's writing and the amount of romance. I just, personally, need less magic.

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This one took me a little while to get into, but I thoroughly enjoyed the second half of the book.

Well I thought that came together quite well in the end, despite the tedium of the middle.

I love a good time travelling romance. Action, adventure, time travel twists. Good stuff

Good book.

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