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O Segredo De Sophia (2012)

O Segredo de Sophia (2012)

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About book O Segredo De Sophia (2012)

I LOVED this book. Had a hard time putting it down. Do you know how when you read a book the characters become part of your thought life? This was one of those. How do you stop living with friends who are in your head? Ouch! I love love love intricate plots, and this was one of those. It wasn't hard to follow, just incredibly interesting. It went back in time to the early 1700s in Scotland, and forward to today. Characters were so interesting! Told a part of Scottish history I knew very little about. Awesome! This is a 5* plus read.I wasn`t too sure the way it went back and forth from writer to novel at first but soon got comfortable with it and did love the Hero`s in this book.Don`t care much for history but it is fascinating finding out how the English in those days treated the Scots,I always wondered why there were bad feelings even now so I finally found out and think I have learned this lesson well enough and I am so happy for Sophia`s HEA and also the Author`s.Stuie was a real character I hope she has a sequel soon with him as the Hero--5*

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Wonderful historical fiction about the first Jacobite rising. I could hardly put it down!

Beautifully written novel that shows the writing process wonderfully well.

I really really want to go to Scotland now.

I enjoyed the plot & the writing style.


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