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The Ring Of Solomon (2010)

The Ring of Solomon (2010)

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Bartimaeus, one of thousands of spectral spirits charged by magicians to work for them on earth, wanted to be free of his charges and go back to his home, another dimension called the other place. But when he was coming the desert for bandits, a charge given to him by his master who was a magic working for King Solomen, he crossed paths with an assassin sent to kill the King. So he helped the assassin in return for being dismissed back to the other place after he helped the assassin kill King Solomon. Then right at the moment of their victory great truths are revealed about their kingdoms, their ledgers, and about themselves. The Ring of Solomon is about truth, determination, and teamwork. about 4 1/2 starsThis is technically a prequel to the Bartimaeus trilogy; however, it is not necessary to read the trilogy first, nor will reading this first spoil anything in the trilogy. The trilogy just gives you an idea of the rules of magic in this world. While I did lots of snort-laughs throughout the book, it still has a solid story. It really gets going once Asmira and Bartimaeus team up, although that isn't until nearly half-way through. This doesn't mean it's slow, but you keep waiting for the two to meet instead of enjoying what's already going on.

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Me encantó, amo a Bartimeo. Es una lástima que no haya más de él =(

very well written, the ending was very good

Thumbs up

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