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The Reluctant Dom (2012)

The Reluctant Dom (2012)

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About book The Reluctant Dom (2012)

It was just ok. I really would have wanted to like this better. Well, first of all, no matter how much I try reading it, this slave/master stuff makes me laugh most of the time. I don't mean to disrespect, but I find these kind of practices more funny than intriguing.Then, the story was way too sloppy. Her geisha attitude, it got on my nerves. And the two guys, way too perfect, way too good… the story seemed quite unrealistic, just a pretty fantasy... 5 Chains and Whips excite me stars. Holy crap I think I'm Bipolar. I cried and laughed got mad for how unfair things were. Laughed because Seth's mind is just funny. I just want to say its rare for me to like both male characters usually I always have a favorite, but not this one. I adored both Kaden and Seth. Also I want to say that normally I don't read Bdsm. It's usually just sex sex more sex, but this had an amazing story.I highly recommend this one :)

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One of the best books I have read! It seriously tugs at your heartstrings. But BDSM is just not for some people.

This is seriously one of the most heart pulled stories that I have read! Truly an amazing story.

OMG - this book made my cry SO much..... what a great story

Llore, llore y llore... fin

This book was so weird....

Not my cup of tea

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