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The Prague Cemetery (2011)

The Prague Cemetery (2011)

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0547577532 (ISBN13: 9780547577531)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Simonini is the Forest Gump of anti-Semitism. He is the only fictional character in the book, but everything he does has real consequences.The question that first comes to mind when you meet a conspiracy theorist or other fanatic is "do they actually believe this stuff?" The answer is both yes and no, and the slipperiness between fact and fiction both in their minds and in the world of the novel provides the frame for this thrilling novel. It takes place in the time period usually skipped over in most history courses, at least in the U.S., between 1860s and the turn of the century. Like with everything else I've read by Eco, I feel the need to pause every few pages to consult an encyclopedia. But that too is part of the fun. Very much in Eco's style, which works for this book and against it. It feels like familiar territory after Foucault's pendulum albeit without a single likeable character. I admit to being a biased audience. As a story, it was very cleverly constructed, but as an Eco novel, I expected something...more. It does what it set out to do and well and yet the cleverness felt like a rehash of some of his earlier work. Still ok Eco is miles above just about everyone else

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Fascinating, but I couldn't get through the audio version. Will keep it on my list for another try.

I listened to this on audio cd. I expect to read it in text version at a later date.

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