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The Mystery Of The Missing Necklace (2015)

The Mystery of the Missing Necklace (2015)

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About book The Mystery Of The Missing Necklace (2015)

Eshaan Krishan Kak Date _27th November The Mystery series Egnid Blyton Petreswood in California USA. The main character is Fredrick Trottervile and he is _Smart. Brave and matureBecause he uses his mind in solving cases and perfect disguises. He fights criminals. He is kind and caring to everyone. Another character is Pip Hilton and he is Smart, mean and demanding Because he is a bit selfish and not caring for other people but his uses his mind for good plots. Another character is Bets Hilton and she is Funny, romantic and over exited. Because _she makes good jokes, she hugs a lot of random people and in plots she gets so overexcited, that the screams. Another character is Larry Watson and he is Funny, creative and smart. Because he makes good jokes, he sets pretty smart traps for bandits and he comes up with a lot of smart disguises.There are a gang of thieves who steal a very expensive necklace and the four detectives are planning to hunt the necklace and bring the thieves to justice.•tThe four detectives suspect an old and deaf man who sits on bench every afternoon and gets cigarettes every day from various people. •tOne day Fredrik disguises himself as a balloon woman who gives a message to the deaf old man which tells him not come for the rest of the week as the police is looking for him.•tOn a day when Fredrick was disguised as the old man a person gave him a cigarette when the man went Fredrick opened the message that said meeting at Waxworks Exhibition. •tFredrick decides to disguise himself as a wax figure at the meeting when he does, he sneezes giving the game away. The gang members at the meeting tied him gaged him and locked him in a cupboard.•tLarry Watson rescues Fredrick and calls the police and tells them that the necklace is with the gangsters •tThe police notice that one gang member with odd eyes escaped and the necklace they found from the gang was a cheap necklace•tFredrick disguises as the balloon woman but this time the old man give him a message that says necklace in waxworks •tThen Larry found the necklace on Queen Elizabeth’s waxwork’s neck. At the end, the detectives found the necklace at a very smart place in a Waxwork’s exhibition. The police found the gangster with odd eyes who was sentenced to a life time in prison. The theme was that there are consequences for your bad actions. I can make a connection to a Sherlock Holmes, Jeffery Archer, Secret Seven and Famous Five books. My opinion of the book is that I liked it because of intensity surprise factor and unpredictable moments. For example, a policeman sneezed while hiding at a place where a gang of thieves were having a meeting. The gang found detective Fredrick instead. The police man surprise, fled from the scene. The book was not predictable because the cowardly policeman fled from the scene then after the detectives went, Larry Watson came through a window and freed Fredrick. The ending of the book was a bit surprising due to the fact that, Bets Hilton suggested an obvious place the thieves hid the necklace where nobody noticed. My favorite part was the car chase between Fredrick and the gang leader. A connection I made with the book reminded me of my house that got burgled in Paris. I would recommend this book to students because of its action packed mystery series and its adventure. A rating for this book would be 3 out of 5 because it was interesting but there is an annoying police ho always gives the game away and is against the detectives and he is a selfish character.For example, ‘MR GOON (policeman) MOVE YOUR CAR’ screamed Fredrick as he was after the leader of the gang ‘GAH’ said Goon in disgust ‘YOU DETECTIVES BETTER STAY OUTTA MY WAY CAUSE I AM GOING TO CATCH HIM’ said Goon soon the gang leader threw nails on the road. Goon’s tyres got punctured but he blocked Fredrick’s way on purpose.

Enid Blyton was one of my favourite authors when I was growing up. Out of all of her series of books, I have to say The Five Find Outers’ series was the most read in my class room. Most of the children would fight over these books.The books are based on a group of 5 children and a dog who go on adventures/mystery hunting during the School holidays, much to the displeasure of the local policeman, Mr Goon. They usually find that they can quite easily solve the mystery because most adults either don’t take children seriously or are not mindful of what they are saying in front of children. In this story a valuable necklace has been stolen and police have been looking high and low for it but with no success. Once the children realise there is a possibility that the necklace and the thief may be in their town they set out trying to uncover the criminals. The children then race to solve the mystery before the local policeman. I think this book would be ideal for year 5 children and the teacher can use it to get children to develop creative writing. It also can be used for group reading and encourage children to improve their reading skills.

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Ah, a world without technology. No feeling that you have to record, sort review and share all the books you've ever read. (Mind you, Fatty would have loved the internet). I AM enjoying re-reading these books that I loved in my childhood.Worrying that I don't remember one single line from this book (but it was 40 years ago). And don't these kids have an amazing quality of life. A maid, a cook, a gardener, money to buy ices, rarely seen parents, no technology and few choices.In this one I like the reference to the wax work as 'Queen Elizabeth' (no regnal number required in the 1940s, throws the modern reader).

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