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The Mystery Of Banshee Towers (1996)

The Mystery of Banshee Towers (1996)

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"What's happening now? How is it something always happens when that fat boy is about?", he grunts. "Pooh, what a smell of mint. One of these days, Master Frederick Trotteville, I'll get the better of you! You see if I don't!" I always get nostalgic when I read Ms. Blyton's books. Her books make me transcend into my childhood days and the beautiful, fragrant memories I grew up with. I remember, I used to sit outside on the cot during winter holidays and read her books. Sadly, here in India, I am unable to find a collection of all of her books online or on streets together, so I am trying to build a collection by buying bits and pieces of the books I get from random thrift shops here. The Famous Five and the Dog talks about the adventures of Pip, Beth, Larry, Daisy, Fatty and Ern in their town's abandoned ruins of Banshee Towers. I do not think I need to familiarise the readers with her style of writing. I wish there were more like her today. Our generation and the upcoming generations need prolific writers like her.

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